FamilyGuy Pornography Story: Family Fellow: Brian Makes His Budge

FamilyGuy Pornography Story: Family Fellow: Brian Makes His Budge

Note to readers you have been asking for a story like this one i found this story on another website so hope it is what you have been looking for.

 This story was written by ( wilcox )

Lois Griffin was following her usual afternoon routine after she’d dropped off her evil baby son Stewie at his playgroup. What with her husband Peter at work and Chris, their son, and Meg, their daughter, off to school, it was her private time for a nice leisurely bath. Refreshed, she came out of the bathroom wearing only her robe and went into her bedroom to change.

The family dog, Brian, had been into Peter’s beer again and when he heard her coming out of the bathroom, he followed Lois into her bedroom. He had a good buzz on and his constantly horny nature was kicking into overdrive as he realized that he was all alone with object of his carnal dreams. His eyes were on her constantly lately, drinking in her lush form. Her full jiggly breasts and firm round meaty ass bent over before him were in his mind as he heard her in the bathroom.

He’d had a number of accidents in the house recently and had been sent to see a therapist who convinced him that he was secretly in love with Lois and wanted to mate with her. When he’d broached the subject with Lois she’d told him that there was no way, but when he’d pressed her she’d uttered, “maybe … if I was really drunk.” That told him that she would, he just had to take matters in to his own paws when the time was right … and that was right now.

Lois turned at the sound of the door being closed and locked. “Brian, you shouldn’t be in here now. I’m not dressed. What are you up too?” she asked. “Ohh, about ten inches,” Brian replied with a wicked gleam in his eye as he pulled Lois’s robe off her shoulders, allowing it to fall onto the floor behind her. “I bet you’d like to find out how it would feel to have a real cock for a change?”

Lois was shocked, as she stood there naked before the horny family dog. Her eyes moved down and she saw his big doggie cock start to emerge from its furry sheath. She tried to control the moment as she turned and bent down for her robe. “Look Brian, we’ve been over this,” she said. “I’m a married woman and you’re the family dog. There’s no way that I…”

Suddenly she felt the hot, swiping lick of Brain’s long animal tongue moving wetly just below her curl-fringed pussy lips, stroking through her cuntal furrow, and up sharply through the cleft in her buttocks to flick and poke expertly at her tight little anus!

“Brian, stop this right now,” she said, her voice carrying a tremor of fear.

Rather than stop, Brian pushed the naked Lois forwards and she fell her down onto her knees beside the bed. “I know you want it Lois,” he growled. “Why deny your feelings for me?”

Before she could get a grip on herself, Brian repeated his lewd act, this time curling his tongue like a scroll and pushing it obscenely up through the hair-lined lips of her burning hot vagina. Lois held on to the edge of the bed for dear life as he expertly drove his thick tongue into her again and again, lapping up her fragrant juices. Her cunt felt as if it were on fire There was no way to escape as he held her by the hips pressed firmly against the bed.

Lois suddenly recalled the incident with Brian peeing around the house and how the physiologist had made them realize that it was because he wanted her in a way not normal for a lady of the house and the family dog.

When confronted by Brian, he’d asked her if there was a chance for them and she’d hesitated as she thought of him pounding his huge doggie cock into her before saying no. She’d seen him with an erection many times and the huge size of his doggie cock scared and excited her at the same time. It was easily twice the size of her husband Peter’s.

Her mind had filled with lurid images of her on all fours with Brian pounding her from behind with his long thick doggie dick as she stared at him in that moment. What would it feel like to have such a massive instrument fucking deep up inside of her? Her cuntal walls felt all fluttery just contemplating it.

Peter hadn’t made love to her in so long that she couldn’t seem to get her mind off the subject ever since Brian had approached her. She’d found herself looking at him more than ever, especially when his big cock was exposed, as it often was. Now that she was naked and alone with Brian, her mind was jumbled with incoherent thoughts of indulgence in things forbidden and obscene.

She felt her breath coming faster and faster. There was no denying now that the viscous secretions of her vagina were flowing rapidly at a truly remarkable rate as Brian worked his long thick tongue in her juicy cunt. It occurred to her again that she was alone here with Brian and would be the whole day, and that whatever happened here between them was more secret by far than anything she might do with a human male.

Now unable to stop herself, she crawled up onto her stomach on the bed and spread her long shapely legs wide, picturing her own nakedness in her mind’s eye as she presented herself to him. “Is this what you want Brian?” she asked. “Do want to take me on Peter’s bed, you horny beast?”

She heard his panting reply as he climbed up behind her, “Oh yes Lois.” Then she felt hot breaths against the soft mounds of her partially raised buttocks, then joyfully felt the heat of his thick wet tongue slithering into the soft smooth crevice separating them! She hardly realized it as she reached back behind herself with her hands to spread her cheeks open, giving him full access to her tiny anus!

Then his loving hot tongue was wetly caressing it, again splaying open the ragged, hair-lined lips of her inflamed pussy to graze the sensually flushed, pink flesh on its lewd path to the baby-like mouth of her defenseless rectum.

She raised up, elevating her widespread buttocks as she knelt, slave like before Brian in complete inner-surrender! Once more he drew his long, thick, splaying tongue up through the full length of her sopping wet cuntal crevice, and she gasped out her erotic delight. As his tongue lapped through her warmly seeping pussy slit, her glistening cuntal lips clung to it. The rough texture of his tongue served to magnetically bind her tender cuntal folds to it.

She trembled thrillingly beneath his lavish tongue fucking. Her vagina was so moist and flowing with passion she was afraid she might faint from sheer joy. She tried to widen her knees even further to open the throbbing pink pussy slit between her trembling thighs wider to him as she cried out, “OOHHHH … that feels so good … eat me you bad dog … oohhhhhhh yesssssssssssssss!!!”
His long wet tongue slavering through her moist pussy hair, then up in scroll-form through her eagerly responding cuntal flesh to flick artfully at her ecstasy-drenched clitoris as Lois’s cream-white thighs shivered with longing.

Lois had never known the equal of this lewd, feverish sensation, which had made such a furnace of her belly. The fluid cuntal channel between her legs had become a raging river at floodtide. The full, sensually swollen mounds of her breasts felt as if they were bursting with milk. Each time he lapped through her hair-fringed pussy slit, her belly convulsed with new lust.

Her feverish brain had become a blank to everything except his tongue, and her breathing now came in ragged gasps. She was trapped by an obscene emotion that had no name. Then there was a swift, whooshing intake of her breath, as Brian’s irresistibly searching tongue splurged out between her widely spread buttocks to worm its way up between her tingling ass-cheeks to her snug little anal mouth, where it lewdly burrowed in as deep as it could!

Then he abruptly discontinued his lapping and backed away from her. Lois wailed with anguish, gasped and looked back over her shoulder at him, her eyes humid and smoky with lust. Her abandoned pussy folds clutched hungrily after the swiftly departing tongue. She saw his eyes blazing with animal desire then looked down and saw it! His huge, upraised red animal penis completely exposed and glistening lewdly in its blood-filled rigidity!

She was on all fours on the bed, just like in her fantasy, her full breasts swaying and jiggling over the coverlet, her naked buttocks waving high in the air. She tensed as Brian’s furry body crowded in behind her toward her nakedly trembling buttocks, his forelegs grasping at her up thrusting hips!

“Oh God … he … he is mounting me,” she thought wildly twisting her head to look back … and he was! Dear Lord… he was! He intended to fuck her just as though she were another animal! The reality of what she was doing hit her hard as Lois looked over her shoulder and just caught a glimpse of his massive cock fully extended a good ten inches long and as thick as her wrist, ready for action. It made her husband Peter’s dick look like a boys, she thought.

Posed directly behind her vulnerable, totally exposed backside. She felt his furry body jerk against the giving flesh of her supple, white buttocks, saw his dangling thick length of hardened cock trying to penetrate the thin vertical mouth of her defenselessly upturned vagina!

“I need some help Lois,” he called.

She reached back between her full, widely spread thighs, grasping Brian’s slippery dog cock to spread her soft silken pubic hair with the tip and guide its hotly pulsating, head to the wetly receptive mouth of her eagerly waiting vaginal hole!

Immediately, Brian humped forward, bursting it from her grip as he speared her defenseless cuntal channel open wider and wider, sending the ten inch long rod of hard, thick animal-cock deep up into the hungrily squirming hole between her thighs! His heavy, sperm-bloated balls swung down wildly and smacked flatly beneath her dark pussy-hair.

“Oh Yeah,” he howled. “Your so nice and tight Lois. I knew you would be after seeing Peter’s limp little dick. You’ve got a real cock in you now. Oh you feel so good!”

“Oh God!” she wailed, her wide blue eyes gaping unseeingly as Brian began to fuck rhythmically up into her from behind. Her head jarring from his every fierce breast-quivering plunge, Lois tried to concentrate on the long, scarlet length of hardness slithering into her as she began to move rhythmically backward to meet his powerful, breathtaking strokes!

Lois thrust backward onto the ever-thickening dog cock skewering deeper and deeper into her raging, hot belly from behind. Furiously, Brian’s body battered and thudded resoundingly against her yielding, wide-spread ass-cheeks, his incredibly huge dog cock a relentless shaft of glistening bestial joy sinking to its full length deep into her tightly clinging vaginal channel!

With whimpering moans, she lewdly rotated her rounded, hard-working buttocks back at him with a lewd frenzy, grinding her hotly clinging cunt walls back over the length of his hardened, piercing animal flesh with a masochistic cry of wanton passion.

“Oh God… fuck me you magnificent beast!” she cried, “… yes… yes! I’m yours, Brian … yours forever… Oooohhhh… God!”

Abruptly, Lois raised her sensuously slackened face to whimper out a guttural, animalish groan of her own from deep in her throat. Her glazed blue eyes grew round and unseeing. “Ooohhh… ooohhhh, Darling… I can’t stand it! I-I’m going madddd! Do it to me harder… please do it for me, my lover! Oooohhhh!”

Her voice died in a strangled mixture of sob and sigh, her head tossing insanely from side to side, her hair wildly flailing as she began the first
convulsions of her climax, skewering her white, passionately undulating buttocks back onto his long, thick rod of hardness with a wantonness that she had never even imagined she was capable of.

The first spasm struck her then and she shrieked, slamming her rounded white ass-cheeks back hard against the rhythmically fucking dog cock with a desperate, frantic lunge. Simultaneously Brian responded with a forward thrust and growl, his massive hardness beginning to spew its heated animal sperm deep up into her soft, wildly constricting belly with long, hard spurts.

Again, Lois cried out, her crazily jerking buttocks beginning to contract convulsively to the eruption exploding hotly in her belly and loins in the universal ecstasy of all animals! She threw her head from side to side in a heretofore unknown, erotic bliss … at last opening her eyes on her vanity mirror to see the combination of human-animal cum oozing whitely from her tightly clenching cuntal-mouth which was still clasping and milking hungrily at Brian’s slowly deflating cock.

Thin rivulets of their sticky, white fluids ran hotly down the smooth white columns of her inner-thighs … and when she could no longer watch, she pitched forward on her breasts, gasping a great sigh of blissful relief.

Lois lay unmoving for a long, long moment, refusing to let the thoughts that were trying to flood her mind return. Instead, she thought only of the beautiful, wildly arousing orgasms she had just known. The she felt Brian’s movements behind and over her. Suddenly, she felt his hot, wet tongue licking the smooth, sensitive flesh of her spread open buttocks as his long tongue lapped up the evidence of their bestial mating. “MMMMMM … so yummy,” he said as his tongue dipped deep into her juicy cunt.

Lois tried to slip out from under him but she only succeeded in ending up face down, her upper body lying on the bed. Before she could push herself up and get away, she felt Brian’s hot breath on her back.

“Where do you think your going,” he told her. “We’ve only just started. Peter and the kids will be gone for hours.” His hairy body had her pinned. Lois struggled to slip away, but his forelegs were like iron prison bars locked around her flaring hips.

“Please Brian, let me up,” Lois moaned as reason began to flood back into her mind. “You got what you wanted, didn’t you. I shouldn’t have done that. I shouldn’t have let you fuck me. It’s not right. I’m a happily married woman with children for god’s sake and you’re the family dog.”

Suddenly Lois felt a hot wet object goose her in the buns. A scream only seemed to further inflame Brian as she desperately tried to wriggle free. His furry chest scraped her back as he strived to mate with Lois once again.

He said, “Your mine now that I’ve fucked you and I want you again. Cut the crap, you wanted it as much as I did. Look at it this way Lois, your a much happier married woman with kids now … and I’m going to make you happy again and again and again.”

His rigid penis kept probing into her rear, getting nearer and nearer to her sopping wet cunt. It was still swollen and sore from the fierce pounding he’d just given her and her wild wiggling to prevent another fuck only succeeded in positioning her cum drenched asshole in line with his searching dick.

She found that fact out just then his searching cock found, and entered … Lois’s anus. She gasped. But she couldn’t stop herself from instinctively pushing back in an attempt to get away.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Lois,” he growled. “If that’s what you want, I’m just the dog to give it to you … hard and deep up the ass!”

Brian never missed a stroke. As Lois gathered herself to push back he’d quickly pulled back a short distance, not far enough to extract himself though, and with his own desperate surge forward drove himself deeply up her tight little asshole as Lois pushed back against him trying to throw him off.

Her attempt to escape only assisting him in driving his massive dog dick deep up her ass as Lois screamed at the unnatural entry. She gasped again as he moved forward and reestablished his position. His long thick hardness seemed to fill up her very soul as it pushed its way slowly through her throbbing, softly resisting nether passage. The pleasurable shock of being filled up with Brian’s large, pulsating animal cock was like nothing she had ever experienced before.

Her nibbling anal channel wanted instinctively to gobble it up until it disappeared up inside her belly with Brian’s soft stomach fur bouncing
against the marble smoothness of her backside as he relentlessly sought to drive his big dog cock all the way up her ass to the hilt.

Skyrockets went off in her head as his long thick dog dick plundered her tender asshole. He was relentless, digging into her flaring hips with his paws; he grunted and yelped as he hammered his rigid animal hardness forward into her snug rectal passage yet one more inch.

Now that the thicker part of his enormous rod of shaft had entered her nether passage, the feeling was not near as sweet as it had been at first. There was some pain as he spread her tender nether channel with his gradually expanding penis. As moist and slick as it was, it was still throbbing with the hard ridges of his swollen veins, and she could feel every last iota of their savage pulsing pressure inside her futilely resisting passage.

She groaned as Brian rammed forward still further. Now it seemed as if he would split her right down the center. Her belly felt as if it were on fire. Still, though, she could feel surges of animal-like pleasure overlapping the agony of her anal channel being rent asunder. She wanted this, and at the same time she didn’t want it. She couldn’t make up her mind. It was agonizing, and yet within that agony was a fierce, soul-dissolving sort of pleasure that could not be denied.

Meanwhile Brian’s saliva was dripping all over her naked backside, flowing down into the cleft of her buttocks. Some of it managed to lubricate his wildly pulsating penis, and trickling down that shaft it found its wet way into the crinkled mouth of her anus. As Brian drew back slightly, worming his penis around in her squirming hot passage, the pain seemed to let up and her backside became somewhat lubricated. Then with one powerful thrust of his haunches, he savagely rammed his long hard penis up into her tightly resisting anus, burying his cock to the hilt in her warm buttery flesh.

“Aarrggggghllllhhll,” she gargled throatily as his enormous blood engorged cock pushed forward into her softly yielding body. He was entirely inside of her now as he wormed his slippery organ around her nether passage to drag harsh, broken little cries of ecstasy from her passion-drenched lips.

“Ohhhh Lois,” he growled in a lusty voice as he looked down at her heart shaped rear end completely skewered on his huge dog cock. “Your ass is so tight. It feels so good. I should have done this a long time ago. Admit it Lois … your my horny little bitch.”

His long merciless cock seemed to be growing ceaselessly within her fire-filled belly, and for a moment Lois thought it was going to plunge in
all the way and come out her gasping throat! The resilient flesh of her full,  firm breasts rippled and jounced from each jarring impact of his barrage, their rock-hard nipples rubbing excitingly across the coverlet of her marital bed.

She couldn’t ignore the erotic sensations that skyrocketed in her horny aroused brain at the forbidden union, even more so because he was sodomizing her. Overcome now with lewd desire, the helpless wife and mother found herself grinding backward with a mindless lust, pushing the wide-stretched moons of her helplessly upthrust ass-cheeks back onto his love-slick penis, its pleasure-bringing hardness skewering wildly up into her passion-inflamed anal passage.

His cock slid in and out of her anus easily now and she rolled her hips and pushed back acting like a total slut and reveling in it. Despite the fact that she was terrified of what was going on, there was still that feeling of primitive thrill and heady excitement that she couldn’t seem to fight.

It was pure instinct that made her buttocks squirm lewdly backwards, sliding her glove tight anal passage over the incredible thickness in of his huge enis, instinct for her body to want her sizzling anal passage filled with his long thick dog cock. The swollen mounds of her big breasts were by now throbbing with desire; her nipples had become elongated and erect. Her entire loins were aflame with obscene desire.

“Ahhhhhh … ooohhhh … ooooooooooh daaaaaaaaaarling. You’re beautiful … Fuck me,” she sighed, groaned, and gasped, straining sluttishly beneath her canine lover. His rampaging cock disappeared up into her, then came out again with her puckering anal lips clutching it like a child’s lips around a lollipop as he thrust his throbbing hardness up into her tight little opening again and again, bringing sharp cries of ecstasy from her open mouth.

She gurgled and gargled and thrashed beneath this inhuman, maddening fucking that had destroyed all her reason. Lois groaned, “Oh, YES!” as his long hard rod aggressively slipped deep into her ass repeatedly. Her eyes had gotten as big as saucers as she felt his hard urgent cock pounding her up the ass. Lois felt his hairy haunches strike her buttocks as he sank his massive dog dick all of the way into her wide stretched anus again and again.

“Oh God! Brian … you feel so good in my ass … Oh God!” Lois moaned unbelievingly as she worked her rectum over his jackhammering shaft of thick dog flesh. Lois had to admit that she loved having anal intercourse with him. It was so naughty and unexpected and in a strange perverted way, Lois knew that he was the perfect male to have an illicit affair with. Who would believe that she was fucking the family dog.

She was in heaven kneeling there, bent forward, her big boobs pressed into the bed. Behind her Brian, the family dog was humping the living shit out of her ass. Lois wasn’t in any pain now as she reached down to enhance her pleasure by playing with her clit. It felt so good to be fucked and still be able to finger her clitoris and she finger fucked myself in rhythm with Brian’s huge demanding shaft.

Then her glazed, lust-drugged eyes again saw the reflection of their lewdly locked position in the vanity mirror, and she groaned happily at the
provocative vision. The animalistic obscenity of the family dog straddling the spread white moons of her smoothly curved ass-cheeks sent a jolt of unbelievable lasciviousness burning through her erotically quivering flesh.

Lois gasped as she glimpsed as well the breath-taking sight of his long moist cock emerging from between her whitely quivering ass-cheeks, then plunging back inside again. Brian’s whimpering sounds also served to thrill her lewdly as his forepaws struggled to hold onto the flaring curves of her naked hips. With a low-throated moan of ardent surrender Lois ground her hungrily tremoring buttocks backward over his fiercely punishing hardness, her feverish passion driving her wild!

“Fuck me Brian! Oh! Yes! Fuck me up the ass!” she wailed, heedless of all morality.

Brian grunted lewdly and in response humped forward heavily, his sperm-gorged balls slapping into her nest of soaked pussy hair up between her thighs. The long spear of his thickly hardened canine penis moved deeply upward into the hungrily squirming orifice of her backside.

Lois’s eyes bulged as she watched his furious attack in the mirror, watched his scarlet penis slithering upward into her rectal channel with a fierce wet rush, burying itself to the hilt in her well-stretched passage. She saw and felt his sperm-laden testicles in their taut furry sac bouncing against her quivering pussy flesh, and the sight almost drove her out of her mind with a lewd desire that knew no bounds.

Brian was fucking Lois’s tight little asshole like crazy. He was going incredible fast, taking short hard strokes. His cock was slipping in and out
like nothing she’d ever felt before. Lois could feel the heat build up. She squealed with pleasure each time he thrust his long hard cock into her glove tight little asshole and rotated her buttocks desperately over his powerful instrument with uncontrollable whimpering mewls. She was clenching and unclenching her hotly clinging rectal walls over the entire length of his heavily ridged cock with a masochistic cry of wanton passion.

Brian was having a great time too as he lived out his most lurid carnal fantasy … fucking the beautiful mistress of the house hard and deep up the ass. Lois was now fucking him every bit as much as he was fucking her and they were both enjoying it very, very much. Her hips sort of twitched to meet each thrust that the dog made. He was picking up speed rapidly. Never had her husband humped her so hard and fast.

He buried his long cock fully into her and started making short thrusting jabs, not like the delicious long slow strokes that her husband was capable of, seemingly trying to get into her anus even deeper. Lois was squealing and groaning, urging him on. All of a sudden it was like she couldn’t get enough air and Lois nearly passed out.

“OH! OH! OH!” she wailed breathlessly. “OH! I’M CUMMMMMING!” Huge waves of orgasmic release rolled over and over her again and again. Lois could feel her bodily juices flow over her fingers as she stuffed them in her vagina as far as she could. Her clit instantly became ultra sensitive and she had to stop stroking it in time to Brian’s thrusts.

Brian showed her no mercy as he plundered her tight little asshole like the beast he was for close to twenty more minutes. Her overwhelmed body rocked and jerked under his thrusts, her heavy breasts jogging and bouncing as he moaned thickly, his paws locked onto her hips, pulling her anus up and down the length of his cock as he pounded into her.

Over and over Lois orgasmed. Then Brian took a long deep powerful lunge that drove his long thick dog cock as deeply as possible. She felt a forceful swelling in his penis, fully buried to the hilt so that Lois’s virgin asshole was filled with all ten inches of his massive dog cock. He exploded into her straining body. Surge after powerful surge followed giving Lois exquisite pleasure.

Her rectum clasped hungrily around his cum-slickened rod as she felt spasms of unbelievable delight rippling through her body totally unlike anything she’d ever felt before. Her nether passage sucked and milked on the family dog’s madly spurting penis while the lady of the house writhed through her own rapturous climax, uttering sharp little cries of amazement and happiness, her flesh breaking out with sweat as her rectum swallowed all of Brian’s animal cum and then sucked upward on it to get more.

“OH! OH! OH! OOOOHHHHHHHH!” she wailed, her vagina and rectum both gushing out their liquid passion all over his sharply pistoning cock, his rapidly emptying balls and flowing down the rounded cheeks of her trembling ass down her inner thighs, to fall onto the coverlet below.

She fell forward onto the bed with his furry body atop of her. He stayed buried deep up her ass for several minutes then pulled back with a loud pop. She again felt his hot, wet tongue licking the smooth, sensitive flesh of her spread open buttocks as his long tongue lapped up the evidence of their bestial mating … then it stopped, and smiling, Lois slowly rolled over. She couldn’t contain her trembling smile of happiness, feeling the heat of Brian’s animal sperm still puddling deep in her satiated belly as she drifted of to sleep.

When she awoke later that afternoon she felt incredibly satisfied as the memories of the bestial activities that had taken place on her marital bed flooded her brain. She stirred lazily on her bed, then reached one arm up above her head and stretched, causing her firmly uptilted breasts to jiggle with voluptuous resilience on her chest. She had had a pleasant doze, and was thankful for that. For after an orgasm with Brian’s tongue or cock up inside of her, she was no better than a whimpering dummy for the longest time until her head and body floated back together again.

Lois had never realized that such a wonderful lewd heaven could exist in this world. She had devoted her whole life to being a perfect wife and mother, and now abruptly in a few hours time all of her traditional values had been turned topsy-turvy by the marvelous climaxes Brian was capable of producing inside her no longer resisting flesh.

She looked down at him where he now lay exhausted on the floor. She had fallen asleep with her arms around his furry body, but somehow he had slid off to the floor as she dozed. She stared at him for a long time as she tried to decide what she should do.

Just then she heard her husband returning. He came into their bedroom and Brian got up and looked nervously at Lois. Lois looked at her husband, then at the family dog who had filled her day with a sexual intensity she’d never experienced before.

It would work out perfectly she thought as she said, “Well … I guess I was more worn out than I thought. I really needed something like today to make me feel like a new woman.” Of course with everyone at work and school all day it would give her the time to take care of Brian’s horny desires and she was now determined to make the best if it as Brian took care of hers in return.”

She smiled as her husband told her she looked positively radiant. “Oh, I’m sure I do,” she replied as she felt her dog cum filled pussy give a twitch. Brian sighed in relief and looked at her with a lustful gaze as she gave him a sly smile. Lois spent the rest of her days having hot sex with Brian whenever she got the chance and her family was never the wiser.

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