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Sexy slut Lois Griffin like gloryhole fun

Family Guy Hentai Porn GIF

GIF Animation: Sexy slut Lois Griffin like gloryhole fun
If you think you’ve seen Family Guy before, you will be hard pressed to have access to a large collection of amazing media at one place. Busty street-walker from Family Guy is shaking under heavy pussy assault in the entry! The whore fits a long chocolate rod in her pussy, deep throating two thick cocks and drinks every last bit of sperm for all of us to see…

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Family Guy Porn Story: Peter Reborn Chapter 8

Family Guy Porn Story: Peter Reborn Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Peter and Meg are
playing golf with Professor Honeydoodle. Chris is at home beating the
Evil Monkey with a shoe horn

Chris: (laughs) Im
beating the monkey. (Looks stunned) I dont get it.

(Continues to beat of
the evil monkey)

(Lois and Stewie are in
the living room. Lois is reading a magazine, and Stewie is watching
television. The screen shows us what Stewie is watching. He is
watching Who Wants to be a Millionaire)

Regis: For one million
dollars, what is you? Is it a) me b) you c) them or d) us

Contestant: Umm let
me see here. Im from Canada, so you is me. Final answer.

Regis: Oh Im so
sorry. The correct answer is true.

(Leaves television, and
shows Lois putting her magazine down on the table)

Stewie: Hey, hey you.
Woman. I demand that you change my diaper right away. Its like
Willy Wonkas Chocolate factory down there.

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This bull really know how fuck Lois Griffin

Family Guy Sex Counselor Video

Hentai Picture: This bull really know how fuck Lois Griffin
Horny Lois Griffin wants to get her pussy filled without stopping and drink all the jizz from those dicks. Having sex in the Family Guy is the most delightful and definitly the most bizarre! A whore from Family Guy DPed between a pair of big pussy-diggers which cover her beautiful face with warm and sticky jizz…

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Family Guy Porn Story: Gang Bang – Part two – Cleveland’s enormous pole

Family Guy Porn Story: Gang Bang – Part two – Cleveland’s enormous pole

Shortly after witnessing Lois and Peter’s fuck fest, Brian walked over to Quagmire’s house and knocked on the door. With Peter home, Brian thought it might be a good idea to have some reinforcements on hand to help him carry out his plan. More importantly, he needed a place where he and Lois could fuck. If others were around and wanted to join in, hey, the more the merrier! Quagmire answered on the third knock. He was obviously stoned.
“Hey Brian, what’s up?”
“Hey Quagmire. I just came by to see if you’re interested in helping me with a little scheme?”
“ Well, maybe. What’s in it for me?”
“A chance to tie-up, and fuck Lois in the mouth. Or anywhere else you might want.”
“Giggity, giggity! You bet! I haven’t had a chance to do her sweet pussy in a long time what with Peter always home now. And god, the blowjobs she gives! Giggity!”
“You mean….you too!? Jeeze, is there anyone in the neighborhood she hasn’t fucked?”
“Well, maybe Joe, you know him being in a wheelchair and all….”
“Oh what the hell, I don’t care. What’s it to me who’s she’s fucked. Do you have anymore of that kick ass skunk weed you sold me last week?”
“Oh yeaaahhh. Giggity. It‘s some damn good shit!”
“Great. I’ll get Lois to come over to your place to smoke some. She loves it by the way. We’ll let the rest take care of itself. She gets so horny when she smokes that stuff, she’ll be begging for it. We just need to keep Peter away.”
“That sounds like a good plan. Can Cleveland join in?”
“Cleveland? Well, I don’t know…..”
Cleveland suddenly walked out of the kitchen balancing a large sandwich, a bag of chips and a bottle of beer. “Hey Brian what’s up?!”
“Cleveland what are you doing here? I thought you moved.”
“Oh I did, to 8:30 on Sunday night. But, I just came by to visit Quagmire and smoke some of his dyn-o-mite shit!”
Brian shrugged his shoulders and said that Cleveland could join in as well. It was agreed that Brian would go over to the Griffin’s kitchen door that evening when Lois was preparing dinner for the family. Peter and the others would be in the living room engrossed in a TV program and wouldn‘t notice anything most likely.
At the appointed hour, Brian walked to the back door and knocked. Lois answered – “Oh hi, Brian. What’s going on? Why are you knocking? Why don‘t you just come inside?”
“Oh hi Lois. I just wanted to see if you would like to smoke some of dynamite stuff Quagmire just got? I’m going over there now and didn’t want anyone else to hear us talk as I know you don’t really like anyone knowing you get high. It’ll only take a couple of minutes.”
“Well, I don’t know Brian. You know what that stuff does to me” she blushed furiously and Brian wanted to do her right on the spot. “And you and Glenn and me together….” her voice trailed off and she began blushing again.
“Oh don’t worry, Cleveland’ll be there as well.”
“Oh! Cleveland too!” She blushed even more furiously if that was possible.
“Oh come on! Cleveland?!!”
“Well Brian, he’s very large, if you know what I mean. I couldn’t help myself when I saw his big thing. It was totally an accident. I just happened to walk in when he was in the bathroom and ZOWEE! I could hardly get my mouth around his cock. I mean he‘s REALLY BIG Brian! And my god, when he came….”
“Ok, ok! I get it! Cleveland’s got a tree trunk for a dick and he cums like a horse! Jeeze! Do you want to get ripped or not? Come on it’ll be fun. It’s great stuff.”
“Well ok”. But I can’t stay too long. I’ve got dinner to make.”
They sat on a sofa inside the living room in Quagmire’s house passing around a couple of fat joints. After a few nervous hits, the pot began doing it’s magic and everyone began to feel a warm glow. Lois especially. She was getting very high. And uncomfortably horny. “Oh my, it’s getting so warm in here. Does anyone mind if I take my sweater off?” Lois pulled her sweater off. She wore a very thin tee shirt underneath which did little to hide her very large assets. The guys were instantly hard as she leaned back on the sofa and closed her eyes, floating from the effects of the killer smoke. The sheer fabric of her blouse struggled to contain her large, hard and very suckable nipples. “Torpedo tits!” Brian thought.
The men could hold back no longer and they were on her immediately. Brian grabbed her from behind and applied a full nelson immobilizing her. Quagmire and Cleveland quickly pulled her jeans down revealing her full hips and round ass squeezed into tiny thong panties already beginning to wet at the crotch. All three held her down and ripped off her tee shirt setting her heavy tits free. Lois was dazed from her rapid capture and removal of her clothes. Dazed, but also excited. She was ordered to her feet. Her breath quickened as she stood clothed only in her tiniest thong before the men. She had put it on this morning expecting to fuck Peter. It was his favorite. She knew they could see that the thin, sheer fabric that snugly covered her pussy was wet from her excitement. And her nipples! My god they were standing at attention as if begging to be pulled and twisted , not to mention licked and sucked! She felt humiliated by their stares, but also felt moist heat growing inside her pussy. That damned thing got her in so much trouble!
The men told her to remove her thong. “Oh my god, more humiliation,” she thought. Her panties were drenched. Lois obeyed, remove her wet thong and stood naked in front of them. Brian stepped towards her and took an engorged nipple in his paw and gave it a hard twist. Lois groaned. Quagmire affixed handcuffs to her wrists and cuffed them behind her back. Brian ordered her to her knees, ass up. He grabbed a large butt plug and some lube from Quagmire’s collection. He then began to repeatedly slap Lois’s ass eliciting soft groans from her with each solid whack. He worked steadily until a warm, red glow evenly covered both her buttocks and she was squirming and crying out uncontrollably with each swat he delivered.
Brian spread Lois’s bright red ass cheeks and applied a large dollop of lube to her asshole with his fingers, working first one and then two up inside her. “Oh gawd!” was all she could say, over and over again. Brian took the huge plug and slowly corkscrewed it into Lois’s asshole. Brian knew, from his own experience, that Lois could take a large cock up her ass, but this was an exceptionally large and thick butt plug and would give her ass a good stretching. With one final shove, he drove the plug inside her to the hilt. Lois groaned loudly as her ass swallowed the thick shaft.
A pair of nipple clamps were produced. Quagmire asked, “hey Cleveland you want the honors?” Cleveland quickly agreed. Cleveland walked over to Lois who still remained face down on her knees, impaled by the huge butt plug groaning softly. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and yanked her up to her feet. He pulled on her right nipple and slowly twisted it. He watched her face intently as he slowly added pressure and twisted harder until he was able to draw a moan from her. Cleveland smiled, “I like to hear that!” As he continued to pull on her nipple he placed the clamp with his free hand, on the soft pink flesh and watched her squirm and cry in agony as the small metal teeth bit into her. Cleveland quickly adjusted the pressure tighter as Lois cried louder. Cleveland repeated the process with her left nipple eliciting the same response from her. He then placed small weights on chains on the bottom of each clamp adding yet more torment to her aching nipples. Lois groaned loudly.
Cleveland grabbed her crotch and jammed a finger deep inside her dripping pussy. “My god Lois you horny slut, you’re so wet! It’s like you peed yourself!” Lois whimpered and moaned as her nipples throbbed with a mixture of pain and pleasure and Cleveland worked one finger and then several fingers inside her sopping pussy.
Cleveland then ordered Lois to get on her knees. He pulled his erect cock from his pants. Jesus! It was HUGE just like she said, thought Brian. Cleveland grabbed Lois by the back of her head and pulled her mouth up towards his crotch.
“You know what to do Lois. Now open wide honey!” Lois eagerly complied and Cleveland was soon deep in her mouth. Lois slurped and sucked. Drool spilled from the corners of her mouth and she softly moaned as Cleveland’s thick, ebony rod slid effortlessly down her throat. Her eyes began to glaze over as she sucked Cleveland’s huge member. Lois loved to suck cock and her love of the art made Brian and Quagmire pause for a moment to watch her display of cock sucking expertise with admiration. She took her time to get used to his size, but once she did she literally swallowed Cleveland’s enormous tool. It was amazing!
Cleveland pulled his throbbing member from her mouth and used it to slap her about the face. Lois begged for him to cum in her mouth. “You want my cum sweetie? You need to do a lot more suckin’ before you get that!” Cleveland grabbed her head, thrust his cock in her mouth and began a powerful face fucking. His cock rammed into Lois’s mouth, his balls slapping her chin with each deep thrust.
While Lois sucked Cleveland, Brian positioned himself behind her, cock in hand, ready to plunge his hard rod inside her when there was a knock on the door! The men froze, while Lois continued to suck Cleveland’s root. She was possessed! Whoever was at the door continued to knock. No one moved, except Lois, whose head continued to bob on Cleveland’s dick. The only sound in the room was the loud sucking and groaning sounds she made. The door suddenly opened, “I know someone’s in here I can smell the weed. Oh. My. God!!!! MOM!” It was Meg.

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Oopss…Lois Griffin have perfect orbs

Family Guy Hentai Galleries

Hentai Picture: Oopss…Lois Griffin have perfect orbs
Have you ever imagined how much more beautiful mature babe girl would look showing off her large tits? You’ve always dreamed to see the Family Guy bitches who crave for cocks 24/7 more than anything else… Let’s follow the lead of a whore from Family Guy that takes cock on the side of the road after trying on some clothes in a shop just the other moment.

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