Family Fellow Pornography Story: Da Ravage Chapter Two

Family Fellow Pornography Story: Da Ravage Chapter Two

Brian: Its different because someone rebuilt it!

(Shows Old Quohog and it looks like the future)

Peter: Wow, Im impressed!

Brian: Yeah, its so futuristic now!

Peter: No, I mean you really cant hold a Water Snake!

(Peters is playing with a Water Snake and keeps dropping it)

Peter: (Bends over and farts) Oh, there goes my back!!!!!

Lois: Then what was that farting sound?

(Everyone looks at Peter)

Peter: My back cracked, not my gas!

Stewie: It seems Ive made a poopie… (Pulls Lois hair) Hey, HEY YOU FILTHY
INFINTILE CROTCH-PHEASANT!!!! Ive made a doo-doo… I wish I went on you,
you red-haired wench…

Lois: Oh, Stewie, you stink!

Stewie: Youre the one who stinks you big-nosed devil!!!!!!!!!

Lois: Now where can I find a change table?

(A flying change table flies over)

Lois: My, this city is advanced!
Peter: Hey mabey theres a flying washroom too!

Lois: Youre always too lazy to go….


(Scene: Griffin living room. Peters watching TV, Chris is drawing, and
Stewies playing with his blocks)

Peter: (Holding himself… Down there… THE PART BETWEEN HIS LEGS YOU
IDIOT!!!!!) Damn, Ive gotta go to the washroom!

(Lois comes in)

Lois: Then go, Peter!

(Lois walks out)

Peter: Chris, go to the washroom for me.

Chris: Ok, dad! (Runs to the washroom)

Stewie: Oh, and I suppose you want me to take your place at your work for
the rest of your life!

Peter: Oh, that would be great, Stewie, thanks!

Stewie: Damn!

(End flashback)

Peter: Hey, lets take a tour of our new city!

Brian: Old city.
Peter: Whatevaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

Stewie: Oh, the fat mans gay….

To be continued in Part 3 The Re-Creator…-er…..

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